Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are the most frequently used areas in your house and tend to get dirty pretty easily. On top of that, bathroom floors and walls have to deal with water spillage, soap scum and splashings several times a day. While selecting a material to cover your bathroom floors and walls, you need to be extra cautious because the material has to be functional as well as stylish. Bathroom tiles are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality and seamlessly blend a stylish appearance with practicality.

Design and Versatility

Bathroom tiles, irrespective of the material they are made of, come in a variety of colours, patterns, designs, finish and motifs. The versatility of their shapes, colours and patterns allows you to go wild with your creativity and deck up your bathroom floors and walls in style. If you want you can even mix and match or you may make use of similar or identical patterns to cover the walls, floors and even the bathroom countertops.

Majority of the modern and stylish bathrooms, showcased in model homes and on the pages of home improvement glossy magazines are decorated with tiles of various kinds. Interior designers love working with tiles because of their flexibility and versatility of design.


You have a pretty wide selection to choose from when it comes to tiles. Travertine bathroom tiles and marble tiles are the most stylish and sought after materials for bathroom renovation/remodelling projects. If you can’t afford these expensive materials, you can settle for ceramic or porcelain tiles which are extremely affordable, yet equally good looking.

Tiles for the bathroom will leave you scratching your head in confusion because of the sheer amount of variety in styles, shapes, textures and colours available in the market. Tiles can fit into every kind of colour scheme or decoration theme.


Bathroom tiles do not always score only in the looks department. They also come out tops in the functionality department. Tiled floors and walls are easy to clean. A quick wipe off or gentle brushing with cleaning solutions can take care of the dirtiest messes.

Tiles are durable, strong, do not break easily and are low on maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also the cheapest bathroom/kitchen flooring materials available in the home market.

Water Resistant

Washrooms are the dampest areas in any building and the walls in your shower enclosure are prone to getting attacked by mould, mildew and surface deterioration. Bathroom floors, the walls beside the sinks and the shower enclosure walls repeatedly get splashed by water and sometimes soap scum, several times a day.

Using tiles to cover your bathroom floors and walls is an easy and inexpensive way to create a water/mould resistant atmosphere inside your bathroom. Bathroom tiles, usually made of porcelain or ceramic, can dry off very quickly and are water resistant by nature.

Tiled bathroom floors can be cleaned or wiped off in a jiffy, saving you time and energy. Because these tiles are naturally waterproof, they are also moisture and stain resistant. This helps preserve their good looks

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