Ottawa Flooring Specialist For All Your Flooring Needs

Seeking for a professional flooring specialist in Ottawa for your flooring needs? Ruby Flooring is an established, full-service flooring expert specialized in residential and commercial Flooring service. Based in Ottawa, we are committed to give you the best service to ensure you get the most out of your floors. With commitment to quality, scrupulous attention to details and years of experience, we bring you the best flooring service. At Ruby Flooring, we make it a point to use the most effective techniques and equipments and ensure you get the most robust flooring you seek for. We can understand the value of beautiful floors and that’s why we respond accordingly, ensuring the highest level of workmanship. From Hardwood floor installation, Laminate Floor installation to ceramic bathroom tiling and Granite stoning, we provide the right solution that brings a vibrant touch. Whatsoever be your style preference or budget, we will certainly find a flooring solution for your needs.

Flooring With A Perfection

If you are looking for any domestic or commercial flooring solutions for your home or business, we have the right kind of flooring for you. We carry out a great selection of marble, tile, hardwood, ceramic tile flooring. We have worked relentlessly with all sorts of industries to ensure they had the right flooring solutions to meet the needs of company.  Our team of qualified and dedicated professionals gives their best effort to execute the work in a perfect manner. It is our dedication and professionalism that lets us handle every part of the process with perfection. The team takes pride in their work and delivers the best possible results to our client’s satisfaction.

Enhancing The Value Of Your Home Or Business

Residential: We have a good variety of flooring options that are perfect for any house, apartment and condos. We carry everything from laminate tile to hardwood to Granite flooring for every room in your home. We can also help you find the best flooring solutions for your home.
Commercial Flooring: Ruby Flooring will help you get the right type of flooring solution for your business. Let us know what is the most important for your business.

Count On The Specialist And Make Your Investment Count

We stick to our mission of offering an unparallel service to our customers. We adhere to our core values and the good thing is that with our state of art tools and equipments we help you gain a clean, dust-free modern looking floor. Honestly speaking, we have a line of satisfied home and business owners who are delighted by the customer service & professionalism. Ensuring guaranteed customer satisfaction, we give equal importance to flooring assignments and try to execute the same within the given time frame.

Count on us for all your Flooring & Polishing services! Come visit us for flooring solutions and see the difference!

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